Wednesday, November 25, 2015


L really enjoyed scooping the guts and seeds out of our pumpkin when we carved it, so I knew that I wanted to save the seeds to use in some kind of work.  I tried just washing them and laying them out to dry, but they were too sticky.  I ended up baking them at 300degrees for 45 minutes.  This dried them out perfectly, with the added advantage of producing a nice sound when they are poured.

I brought out a coffee scoop I had found at the dollar store and put it on a tray with two bowls.  I showed L how to scoop the seeds in one bowl and pour them into the other.  L will sit at the table with this work for 10+ minutes at a time, and she chooses it multiple times a day.  The depth of the scoop requires a greater wrist motion than the spooning works I've put out for her before, and the repetition required to transfer all of the seeds from one bowl to the other builds focus and concentration.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Baby #2

Baby #2 has arrived!  We will call her N from here on.  Please give me a couple of weeks to get settled before I write more posts.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Exposure to Numbers -- Magnets

L has been enjoying telling us that she's 1 when we ask how old she is for the past couple of months, so I decided it was time to bring in some numbers!  The first step in teaching numbers is simple exposure.  We have been counting things for a long time -- each time we go up or down the steps, random objects that we find, etc.  The next step is helping L associate the name of each number with its symbol.  I had some number magnets from the dollar bins at Target, so I put them in a bowl on a cookie sheet and put the work on the shelf.  L loves bringing this work to the table and sticking the magnets on.  She often puts the numbers on backwards or upside down, but that's ok -- she's only one and half.  We don't correct her.  We just let her work with the numbers in her own way and begin to get familiar with them.